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YFC/Youth Unlimited

YFC/Youth Unlimited continues to focus its efforts on meeting the needs of youth, believing that each individual's life is shaped by a number of facets that influence who they are as a whole: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. We aim to develop each of these areas through relationships so that every youth may reach their full potential. The staff and volunteers of YFC/Youth Unlimited are dedicated to seeing young people develop holistically.

Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited is a satellite of Southwestern Ontario YFC/Youth Unlimited and was born out of a desire in our region to meet the needs of local youth in our region. Our primary target audience is youth ages 10 through 19. Since the spring of 2007, Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited has worked to impact the lives of young people. We have a strong desire to partner with local agencies and churches in meeting the needs of local youth. Dedicated staff and volunteers continue to offer a variety of exciting opportunities for youth including drop-in, silk-screening, Paint With Purpose, an auto mentorship program in Kitchener, along with intentional personal mentoring.

Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited is currently working to build an even stronger connection with local agencies and churches in our city and surrounding area to meet the needs of youth. Our long-term plans include the expansion of our work to facilitate a greater presence and impact across the entire City of Cambridge and Kitchener. We are currently exploring new options for skills training and mentoring as well as offering guidance and support through the start-up phase of what we hope will be a thriving new work in Kitchener.

Please visit our websitewww.yfccambridge.com

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